WM Press has its own design department with experienced staff. We assist our customers in developing products and how to make products manufacturing friendly, in other words we help developing smart solutions.

With a design team that is familiar with our processes in-house, it gives us shorter lead times and rapid feedback regarding which process is the  best.

We work in software such as Autodesk Inventor, NC Express and Tebis.


We offer e.g. this:
  • Tool design
  • Production of drawings and prototypes
  • Support to our customers’ designers in the development of drawings.
  • FEM (Finite Element Method) strength analysis
  • Production automation
FEM (Finite Element Method) Strength Analysis

FEM is integrated in modern CAD ​​systems, which allows designers to quickly and realistically control the strength of details which only exist as data models. Moreover, we can control the deflection, suspension, etc. in different material grades.

The finite element method has its origin in the need to solve complex elasticity and structural analysis problems in the aerospace and structural mechanics.